General Information

Classified Advertising Rates

AD TYPE: In-Column
Individual listings arranged by category.
COST: $6.50 per line
REQUIREMENTS: 5 line minimum
UPGRADES (additional charges)
BlindBox + $20 per insertion
Bold Print + $3 per insertion
Email/Web Address Link + $5 per insertion
AD TYPE: Classified Display
Individually designed ads that appear only in the classified section of our newspapers
COST: $23.00 per col. inch
REQUIREMENTS: 6 column inch minimum
UPGRADES (additional charges)
Classified Display print ads can be posted online for 7 days on our websites for an additional $100 per week.

Classified Display Mechanical Requirements

Minimum ad size is 6 column inches. No ads accepted that are fewer inches deep than columns wide (3col x2" only exception). Display advertisements are measured and billed on the standard basis of one half inch and full column inches.


Classified Display Ads: Monday @3pm
In-Column Ads: Tuesday @ Noon

Billing Policy:

For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Continuously running in-column ads and display ads are billed monthly.

Hersam Classifieds

Classified Advertising

Classifieds are located in the B section of each newspaper. Classified pages use a 9 column format as opposed to the 6 column format of the main section.
Classified Ad Sizes

  • 1 col: 1- 1/16″
  • 2 col: 2- 3/10″
  • 3 col: 3- 1/2″
  • 4 col: 4- 7/10″
  • 5 col: 5- 9/10″
  • 6 col: 7- 1/8″
  • 7 col: 8- 5/16″
  • 8 col: 9- 1/2″
  • 9 col: 10- 3/4″
  • Full page depth: 21″

Market Area:

Darien Times
Easton Courier
Lewisboro Ledger
Milford Mirror
Monroe Courier
New Canaan Advertiser
Redding Pilot
Ridgefield Press
Shelton Herald
Stratford Star
Trumbull Times
Weston Forum
Wilton Bulletin